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All the folks who’ve volunteered to plan the Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival met this evening at Eva Mall. It was good to meet others with whom you could talk about films. But, more importantly, the plan seems to be on track.

We might have a roof (somewhere on Airport Road) and all the other things that we need to make the Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival happen.

We also have a possible theme… Seven. That’s because the film will screen seven films, starting from 7 pm on 07/07/07.

Then, there was the question of the films that we will be screening. Apart from wanting to focus on the work of independent film makers (we’re screening four independent films), there will also be three classics. Merchant-Ivory was one of the names doing the rounds. Someone also mentioned the golden age of Indian parallel cinema when Shabana Azmi, Nasseeruddin Shah and Smita Patil ruled. Hrish (the person behind this all) got all of this down on paper, and the final selection will be by consensus on D-day.

There was also concern over whether there would be any legal issues involved. The view on this was that as we were screening the films in a person’s home, without the aim of making any profit, there should not be any problem.

So now, all that seems to be left is to draw up a schedule for the evening, and let’s keep our fingers crossed in the hope that the rain doesn’t play spoilsport.

In all the change that this city has seen, in all the new influences that come in, it’s good to see that there are some things that don’t die away. Even as Bangalore metamorphoses into India’s Silicon Valley, it remains a young city with a love for the arts. Or are these just the people that I manage to dig out because of my my passion for this pursuit?

Whatever the reason, among the programmers in my many work places, I have found photographers, musicians, theatre lovers and the odd film maker. So, I have always known that these pursuits still thrive in this city, and yet I felt it more strongly today evening than I have ever felt it before.