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Welcome 2008

Posted: January 5, 2008 in Life and Living

Looking back over 2007, here’s my summation of the year that was…

The big events, the journey…

  • I published a couple of more articles in The Times of India.
  • One of my pieces was accepted for Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul.
  • Visages was ready for Cyberspace.
  • I exhibited two photographs at Bangalore Photography Festival.
  • I moved to my current role of managing the WT intranet. Finally, there was some challenging work.
  • This was also a year where I became a part of BRTFF and we got Bangalore Film Society to WT.
  • Finally, the biggest of them all, Ginger Soda Lemon Pop found a publisher and is currently available in bookshops.

The exploration…

  • I travelled to places where I had never been before… Ranganathittu, Kabini, Bylekuppe, Nisargadhama, Jew Town (Cochin), Thrissur, Palakat, Barapole (Coorg)
  • I read a couple of books that I enjoyed… The Inheritance of Loss, Bhava, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, The Magic of Thinking Big, One-minute Manager.
  • I watched a couple of theatre performances that I thought were cutting edge… Dialogues, Shakuntala and The Undertaker. On a similar note, I also visited Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai for the first time.
  • And then there so many outstanding films that I experienced … The Taxi Driver, Cider House Rules, Seven Samurai, The Bicycle Thief, Fight Club, Pan’s Labyrinth, Shwaas, Black Friday. While many of these are old films, I must say that for me Black Friday was the film of 2007.
  • Spent some time on photography in Mumbai.
  • Reconnected with Sri and Supriya in Bombay.

The continuing struggles…

  • Learning to drive.
  • Working with my boss.
  • Understanding my family.
  • Taking Visages to the next level.
  • Getting our intranet recognised for the world class portal that it is.
  • Completing my second book.

If I look over my wishes for myself in 2007, here’s where I stand…

  1. Health – for me and mine… On the health front, I was happy.
  2. Wealth – just enough for the things I want to do… We never wanted for the things that we wanted to do. 2007 was a year of prosperity.
  3. A publisher… Yes, yes, yes. This happened.
  4. A job that challenges me… This happened too.
  5. Another book written… It was begun, but not completed.
  6. An exhibition of my photographs on Bangalore… Not yet.
  7. A research grant… Not yet again.
  8. Visages goes public. (Right now the Website has been released. But, I am still working to improve the content.)… Yes for this one also.
  9. Travel to two places that I have never visited before… Yes. We did. To more than five actually.
  10. Experience five unforgettable books, movies and theatre performances… Almost… It’s ‘yes’ for books and films. But, while I watched many theatre performances, I would term only three of them to be unforgettable.
  11. Win a couple of competitions… No to this one
  12. Begin work on another Master’s or a Doctorate… I did apply for my Masters at IGNOU.
  13. Plant many trees… Not yet.
  14. Spend more time with children and old people… No. After all, I didn’t have Tim & Linda in mind when I penned this one.
  15. Save heritage buildings… No again.
  16. Contribute to improving the quality of life in Bangalore… Bangalore Rooftop Festival was an attempt in this direction. So was facilitating a chapter of BFS at WT.

So, that’s an eight-and-a-half on 16. Just about a pass mark 🙂 Yet, when I look at the post that I made beginning 2007 here, I realize that it’s been a long journey.

I wish for 2008…
Some of these continue the journey I made in 2007. Some of these are the things I did not complete in 2007…

  • Health, wealth
  • More success for Ginger Soda Lemon Pop.
  • Completing my second book.
  • Getting our intranet recognised for the world class portal that it is.
  • Moving Visages to wordpress and getting more frequent updates.
  • An exhibition of my photographs on Bangalore.
  • Once more, travel to two places that I have never visited before.
  • Once more, experience five unforgettable books, movies and theatre performances.
  • Complete my first year MA in English Literature at IGNOU.
  • Plant many trees.
  • Save heritage buildings.
  • Contribute to improving the quality of life in Bangalore.
  • Learn to drive.

Welcome 2008. Here I come.


This one is from The Bengaluru Pages. I hope it makes an auspicious beginning to the new year.

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