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I’m not completely convinced that I deserve this honour, but here it is…

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Yes, I know it’s not the Booker. But, I still feel more than slightly overwhelmed.


The Age of Elizabeth

Posted: February 16, 2008 in Cinema, Life and Living

I guess you could say that it’s just “one of those things”. I’ve always been fascinated by The Age of Elizabeth.

It started when I was about ten and was first introduced to the world of Tudors with Margaret Campbell’s My Lady of Cleves. The is a fictitious account of the life of Anne of Cleves – Henry’s fourth wife (not the second). As if by design, I then stumbled across many fictional accounts of the life of Elizabath I and her cousin Mary Queen of Scots

Soon after came my brush with Anne of a Thousand Nights. (If you haven’t already seen it, that’s among the Hollywood historical classics that you must see.)

Later, as I studied English Literature, it was a happy conincidence that the age of Shakespeare and Marlowe were located within this period.

Today, I dwell again on the Age of Elizabeth because I watched Elizabeth – The Golden Age yesterday. While I liked the first part even better, the second part was not without its charms. But, this blog is not meant to be an analysis of the film, it’s more like a moment of contempation on a woman who will always be an icon for all women leaders across the world. I find myself thinking of the strength of a woman who reigned supreme at a time when it was truly a man’s world.

What made Elizabeth such a remarkable leader?
1. Intelligence (includes poitical shrewdness, statecraft and all of that)
2. Courage
3. An iron hand, when required
4. Vision – she always had an eye on the bigger picture
5. A selfless sense of duty
6. Openess of mind
7. A sense of self preservation for herself and England
8. An eye for people and the ability to surround herself with the best of talent
9. Legend and mystique that was always larger than life

It was all of that perhaps. But, Elizabeth stands out in my mind as a woman who always knew her mind and then chose to live her life on her own terms. Later, she stood by her decisions and accepted their consequences with courage and a sense of humour.

If one looks beyond the Queen, that is perhaps the story of the woman who was even greater than the legend of the queen.