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Ah Taj!

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Life and Living, Uncategorized
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There are some memories that will never leave you… And one of those memories for me will be those live images of the Taj in flames… As I sat glued to the television in disbelief into the early hours of Thursday morning… How? Why?

And in all those individual stories of personal loss that I feel with and heroism that I applaud… The memory of the Taj refuses to go away… A building with a century of heritage woven around… Built in defiance by Jamshedji Tata to that infamous line “dogs and Indians not allowed”.

I have always believed that a picture speaks more than a thousand words. So, this one is for Bombay, a city that I have always loved and seen as home.


This picture was taken on my visit to Bombay in December 2007 (yes, around the same time last year)… And then got lost in my collection because it did not capture the splendour of the Taj… As I was trying to cut out the crowds.

But, now when I re-look at the picture, I can’t help thinking that even in a poor picture, the Taj made for such a magnificent picture.

Ah Taj! Ah Bombay!