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Adieu 2008, Hola 2009

Posted: December 31, 2008 in Life and Living

If I were to remember 2008 for two reasons, it would be because it was the year when I finally traveled to Hampi. It was also the year when I first officially got my driving license (for both a bike and a car) and learnt to drive. Yes, by the end of 2008, I actually mastered the knack and drive myself to work every day 🙂

There was recognition at work and otherwise. On the home front, I finally renovated my father’s house after a decade. That felt incredibly good.

As I do every year, I ‘d set out my wish/resolution list for 2008 when the year began. As always, it’s time to rewind and think about how I fared.

  1. Health, wealth: Yes, I did have a bit of both.
  2. More success for Ginger Soda Lemon Pop: I did not get a Booker for this one. But, the recognition for this book surpassed my expectations.
  3. Completing my second book: Not yet.
  4. Getting our intranet recognised for the world class portal that it is: Work in progress
  5. Moving Visages to wordpress and getting more frequent updates: Work in progress
  6. An exhibition of my photographs on Bangalore: Not yet.
  7. Once more, travel to two places that I have never visited before: I did quite well on this one and ended up with more than two new travels… Mangalore, Brahmagiri, Corbet, Nainital and Hampi.
  8. Once more, experience five unforgettable books, movies and theatre performances: I fared poorly on the reading. Persepolis is my reco for the year. With movies, there were plenty of them. My movies of the year (if only because I saw them in 2008): Juno, Khuda Ke Liye, Moulin Rouge, The Blue Umbrella, The Dark Knight, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. I also caught two theatre performances that I would recommend – Tim Supple’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Leila Alvares’ musical All Shook Up
  9. Complete my first year MA in English Literature at IGNOU: Not yet. And I am beginning to feel that I will never complete this one. It no longer matters.
  10. Plant many trees: No 😦
  11. Save heritage buildings: No again.
  12. Contribute to improving the quality of life in Bangalore: Not enough. Made a first step with my work on Bhagya.
  13. Learn to drive: Yes, yes, yes!

In 2009, I wish for simple things. I would like to…

  • Remain employed, and have challenging work.
  • Complete the two books that I have been working on.
  • Read two great books. Watch two outstanding plays.
  • Visit two places that I have never visited before.
  • Watch five outstanding movies.
  • Contribute to the quality of life in Bangalore.
  • Close my educational loan.

It’s a simple, but a huge impact ‘ask’ list. Especially, the two books. In that spirit, here’s to 2009!



Posted: December 1, 2008 in Bangalore, Life and Living

Most people who visit this blog often know that of late I have felt very discouraged about the state of things in India… And had I not been married to Manoj, who still sees India & Bangalore as home, I would have very seriously considered immigrating to another country. Not because things are better elsewhere… But because if you will always be a ‘second class citizen’ in every place across the globe… Then, perhaps it is better to be world traveller on a second class ticket (lol)

And then today I came across this very special post. It reminded me that the good that comes along with the bad… And the good is worth fighting for because this is my country… And has been the country of my ancestors in all probability for the last 2000 years… If not longer…

Thank you stranger… Who I will probably never meet… For reminding me that the good comes along with the ugly… But, that does not make it any less my country… And yes, it is worth fighting for!