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What next???!

Sometimes I think that things have to get a lot worse before they get better 😦

But I guess we must fight on because it was the brave ladies who went ahead of us who gave us our freedom to be the women that we want to be.


Stand up…

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Bangalore

It is not Bangalore that is going to the dogs. It is us. We have far too long become accustomed to let everything go.”

…. So that we may always stand up!

Bangalore celebrated a quiet Valentine’s Day this year, except for the pro-freedom protests taken out in the city.

But, there were a couple of scary incidents reported across India…

  • In Haryana, a couple were dragged out of their friend’s house and beaten up by a sub-inspector before an eager mob. (When did what you did in your house become everybody’s business?)
  • In Belgaum, an office party on the roof top was raided.
  • In Ujjain, a couple was attacked… And then it was discovered that they were brother & sister.
  • In Pune & Hyderabad couples were forcibly married to each other.
  • In other parts of Madhya Pradesh, they were either married to donkeys or had their faces blackened.
  • In J&K card shops were attacked & torn
  • Interestingly, for the first time fundamentalists from different religious groups ACTUALLY had a common cause.

    The huge scary enemy that brought them together – Valentine’s Day!!!

    In these circumstances, can I be blamed if I relate a little less everyday to this great Indian culture thingie?

    If culture is an evolving construct, why do we still expect it to be frozen in time? It also does seem like hate and not love is the stronger glue that keeps communities together.


    Mangalore is in the news again, and for all the wrong reasons. This time because a group of Sri Ram Sene goons attacked a group of women for that extremely “unIndian” act of going to a pub. They also threaten to marry all unmarried couples spotted walking together in Bangalore & Mangalore on Valentine’s Day… LOL… Just think of this one in action 🙂

    But this blog is not about the terrible sense of pain that the incident brought to my heart, as I once watched a cosmopolitan city that I had loved turn increasingly fundamentalist. This is about the unique protest attempt – the Pink Chaddi campaign. Women & men from all parts of the country will now send pink underwear to the Sri Ram Sene office. Later, on Valentine’s Day, from their own part of the world, they will raise a toast (could be of juice) to the Sri Ram Sene. Visit their blogspot for more:

    Just for the record… I have never seen the rationale behind Valentine’s Day… And I don’t pub reguarly either… But, I would always defend my freedom to do or not do either.

    If you feel the same way too, but find the pink chaddi campaign slightly gross… May I encourage you to send Mr Mutalik a Valentine’s Day card, urging him to “get well soon”.

    All mail can be sent to:
    Pramod Muthali,
    Sri Rama Sene Office # 11,
    Behind new bus stand,
    Gokhul road,
    Lakshmi park,
    Hubli – Karnataka