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I first became a blogger five years ago in November 2005. It was a month after I had gotten married, and I think that blogging was my way of keeping in touch with the Christina who always wanted to “create”. It was a part of me that I was not going to let die, as I had seen happen in many of my friends for whom the urge to become, achieve, create had in some way been satiated by the contentment of togetherness that sometimes comes with marriage.

I wrote about many things. But I am sure that most people who have followed this blog for some time now would agree that I spoke with most power in my movie reviews. Then perhaps it was just what I liked to write about cinema more than anything else, and so it seemed to me like my most powerful writing.

But whatever the underlying factors, this was the space that I used to analyse films and shape my ideas on cinema.

Today the journey I began on this blog has taken a new direction. My movie reviews will now move out of my blog to Citizen Matters, where I will have my own column that reflects cinema as it is experienced in Bangalore.

You can have a sneak preview to my weekly column here:

I terribly excited about the opportunities this opens up for research and writing on cinema as it is experienced in Bangalore. It is also the second time that this blog has been a launching board for bigger dreams and wider horizons 🙂


Mindblogs 1.0

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Writing
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As I recollect, I first began talking about Mind Blogs at least two years ago. It was to be a book created by a group of writers (mainly bloggers) on themes from the world around them.

We had initially planned this as a collaboration between, Nimmi, Zahid, Anamika, Sowmya, Sirisha, Andy and me. But for various reasons, it finally boiled down to just Nimmi, Zahid and me.

After a long wait, the book is almost ready and I feel proud of it. Not to mention that this is also an interesting experiment for Nimmi, Zahid and myself. Who knows what this could lead to?

But for now, we will be relying heavily on social networking to spread the book’s message. Here’s a peek into what’s in store with our blog for the book here:

As always, your comments are always welcome!