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Instant Happy Makers

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Life and Living

Lakshmi’s list on instant happy makers got me thinking of some of the little things that always manage to put a smile on my face…

In her words “Was thinking, today, of all those little things that make such a big difference to our routine every day….those things that make us almost ‘instantly happy’. O I don’t mean all those complicated ‘happy makers’ like great career moves, fantastic relationships, the great bod, beautifully planned vacations, sons and lovers…but little things…simple and so accessible…quite easy to come by…yet such powerful day-enhancers. Really, our lives would be so blah without em. I was wondering what all your happy-makers would be….actually was looking to try some…steal a couple perhaps :))).”

So here’s my list…

1. Sunrise…sunset
2. Prayer
3. Tending my plants
4. Hugs (from/to someone who really cares about you)
5. 15 minutes under the shower
6. One uninterrupted hour on the tabla
7. Listening to Non, je ne regrette rien (or one of my other favourite songs) every now and then as I drive
8. Coffee at Koshy’s
9. Saturday evening with the girls
10. Befriending a child
11. Feeling a smile that I really mean
12. Not planning my weekends, and just letting time slip away bit by bit
13. Death by Chocolate at Corner House
14. Watching a wonderful movie and not reviewing it 🙂
15. Sleep…lots of it!

PS. So what’s your list? 🙂