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Simplicity is…

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Life and Living

When you stand
In the presence of another,
In the nakedness
Of who you are,



What’s my word?

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Life and Living

I am currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love”. Today I reached a point where Elizabeth was trying to find a word that described the essence of ‘being Elizabeth’, and she couldn’t find a word.

So I asked myself, “what’s your word?” That’s when I discovered that I did not have a word that described the essence of ‘being Christina’.

There was a time till about a year ago when if someone asked me me the same question, I’d have have answered easily, “integrity”. Yes integrity will always be what I live for, but I can no longer say with that some unflappable uncertainty that is who I am. Even if there are moments only few and far between, I too have compromised.

So what is my word then? After much thought, today I would say that it is ‘traveller’. I travel, literally and symbolically, to seek experience and push the boundaries of who I am. If I had to seek a character to describe me, it would be Ulysses for whom “all experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untravelled world”.

So that’s my word… Take a minute to think about it… What’s your word?

There’ve been many moments in my life that have made me stop and ponder over the meaning of globalisation. One such moment was when I stood before a boat at Kovalam and saw the above sign. My first impulse was to grin, but then the impact of it hit me… Snorkling in Kovalam and Curry in the UK… Even as both countries also borrowed from a foreign tongue.

Many years earlier, I’d had a similar experience as I struck up a friendship with a Spanish colleague Isabella (name changed) at a job fair (who happened to be Buddhist). It was she who pointed out to me that it showed the impact of globalisation when an ‘Isabella’ was Buddhist and a ‘Christina’ was Indian.

But more recently I got back to the working life. How it happened is a long story, and how I fared on my drifter’s bucket list will be the subject of another post. But anyway, here I was joining a leading American IT firm, which happens to be a huge global brand in the hardware space.

Last week, Gartner’s Research VP came over to meet my boss to share his insights on enterprise marketing. His next destination was China. A clear indication of the growing economic significance of both countries to global markets.

Yet as we sat together… An Australian hard selling to Indian clients, who in turn represented an American multinational corporation… I couldn’t help thinking that the global village had truly arrived 🙂