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A call to prayer

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Life and Living
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YDSC_0098 (2)

A prayer thought in silence.
The solitary comfort of a hot cup of chai.
The stillness of a walk in the park.
A newspaper pondered in pensiveness.

Rest my spirit.

But now,
New voices,
Clamor for my attention.

At 5 am,
The call of the muezzin.
At 6 am,
Superhit bhajans.
At 9 am, Sunday,
The dancing Pentecostals.

 In my view,
Spirituality resonates loudest,
In human hearts.

Not over loudspeakers.


The middle path

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Life and Living
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I have never understood infidelity,
Or the balance of the middle path.
The truth of love,
Coated in the convenience of deceit.

Where lies the courage in breaking all the rules,
When you agree to live by all of them?
Who drills a death-hole into the foundation of an enclosure, while building its walls?

Is it courage or cowardice?
Yet you revel in the new-found novelty of old convention.

When I love,
Let it be honestly, openly, madly,
In nakedness beyond subterfuge.
In love as in life.

I am one

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Life and Living
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If I cannot be…
A daughter to my one mother,
A niece to my one aunt,
A wife to my one husband.

It matters not
If I mean many things to many people.