Writing on Cinema

This blog initially had a strong focus on world cinema. But as time progressed, my writing on cinema moved to a weekly column called Cinemascope on Citizen Matters. A peek into some articles published under this column.

Hudugru goes beyond traditional cinematic genres
A well intentioned film that wanders somewhere in between, slightly lost in confusion.

Christopher Waltz shines in Water for Elephants
Story of a young veterinary student who joins the travelling circus, Water for Elephants is cinema that absorbs but does not haunt you.

I am is a courageous film
A well crafted, introspective, intelligent cinema that looms tall over much of what we see in contemporary Hindi cinema.

Dum Maaro Dum: An entertaining cops and robbers tale
Dum Maaro Dum is not great cinema. But it does make for an entertaining watch at the movies.

Thank you is a confused entertainer
Bazmee combines the formidable talents of Akshay Kumar and Irrfan Khan, yet not managing to produce an entertaining result.

Narrating women’s stories
JR’s ‘Women are Heroes’, speaks through the voice of women, for the condition of women reflects the state of the society that they live in. 

Kempe Gowda, a powerful entertainer
Sudeep breathes fire and power into ‘Kempe Gowda’, which raises the bar for Kannada action movies. ‘The Fighter’, a realistic boxing film helps Hollywood return to the genre with a bang!

The conservationist’s quest
In ‘A Million Snakebites’, Reptile conservationist Rom Whitaker travels across India, collecting snake venom in an effort to arrive at an anti-venom cure for all snake bites.

Krupakar-Senani pack punch into wild dog film
Krupakar-Senani’s Green Oscar winning The Pack – on the Asiatic dogs or dhol – is a triumph for wildlife film-making.

An opportunity lost for Hindi cinema
Linear narration and less than nuanced performances lets ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ down. Music is the only highlight.

Patiala House is no trendsetter
Akshay Kumar’s first release this year, isn’t exactly setting the box-office on fire.

Films for everyone – South Asian panorama, Dhobi Ghat, Turning 30
A bird’s eye view of the South Asian films and two interesting directorial debuts – January was action packed.

No One Killed Jessica: important, Life As You know It: eminently watchable
s 2011 begins, No One Killed Jessica is amongst the new year’s most curiously watched releases in India. Life as We Know It also gave families a reason to smile.

Which movie will be the Dabangg of 2011?
The Social Network and Rajnikanth’s Endhiran, lit up the box office this year. What’s coming in 2011?

Pawan Kumar: The man behind Manasaare and Pancharangi
After the successful sojourn as screenplay writer in Manasaare and Pancharangi, Bengaluru huduga, Pawan Kumar is all set to debut as a director in Lifeu ishtene. He talks about his struggles with theatre and cinema first as an actor and then as a writer and director.

Endhiran at 200 cr or Navilaadavaru at 30000 rupees? 
At the screening of Kannada film naviladavaru, an interesting debate on costs and content of filmmaking was held. The audience it seems knows their cinema irrespective of budgets involved.

Magic works for Harry Potter but fails Guzaarish
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is a good adaptation of Rowling’s book, but Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Guzaarish fails to weave a spell.

The Social Network is gripping, KCA brings world classics to Bangalore
It’s not revolutionary cinema from David Fincher, but The Social Network does manage to remain a gripping account on Silicon Valley start ups and the engine that is driving the global social media revolution.

Action Replayy is well scripted; Golmaal 3 is hilarious
Re-live the 70s or laugh till hurts; you can take your pick from this week’s releases.

Legend of the Guardians is a visual experience
3D entertainment awaits for the whole family this Diwali. Meet the owl who traverses the universe to save the kingdom of owls.

Autograph and Aakrosh captivate, Jackie disappoints
While one director sticks to the formula and fails, two others bring in new perspectives and make the films work.

Do Dooni Chaar delights, Eat, Pray, Love disappoints, and A Little Less Something…
A mixed bag of big stars, big productions, nostalgia and a bit of cinema from the not so popular theme, up for grabs in Bengaluru this time.

A little bit of ‘Khichdi’ amidst Rajinikanth’s ‘Endhiran’
This week science fiction comes alive with Rajinikanth-starrer ‘Endhiran’. Also on offer for the first time, television serial ‘Khichdi’ on the big screen.

‘Wall Street’ is predictable, ‘Pranchiyettan and the Saint’ is the thinking man’s comedy
Malayalam comedy ‘Pranchiyettan and the Saint’ makes up for the disappointing ‘Wall Street: Money never Sleeps’. Read this week’s movie reviews.

Young filmmakers reign at film festival
In this interview, founder of Center for Film and Drama, Prakash Belawadi tells us more about this short film festival which saw youngsters showcase their ‘real’ movies.

A whiff of Moggina Jade, and a splatter of Dabangg
Whether it’s action-packed Dabaang or straight-from-the-heart Moggina Jade, this week at the cinema halls has seen a rather interesting mix. Read on to know which movie is paisa vasool.

A toss-up between ‘Pancharangi’ and ‘We are Family’
Or you can devour both! Read on to know what’s on offer this week for cine-goers in Bengaluru.


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